Good Luck to the Lads - Household Cavalry Veterans car rally

Household Cavalry Veterans car rally to Belgium

A Team of ex Household Cavalry Veterans have taken up the challenge in February to drive a number of cars costing no more then £300.00 from London Hyde Park Barracks the start point to France via Calais. They plan to roughly follow the same route taken by the 4th Armoured Brigade in WWII down the coast to Pegasus Bridge then continue to Arnhem via Waterloo. The following day those still running strong will attempt the return trip to the finish at HCR Windsor. The money raised will go direct to The Household Cavalry Foundation which looks after wounded soldiers, bereaved families and injured horses

Fat Chimp where proud to chip in with a small donation to Jason's page, and also provided a couple of embroidered shirts to other gents, especially Simon below attempting this superb effort.. Good luck Lads.... More to follow on the progress ....


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