Under The Bark Carpentry - Proud to be Associated

We at Fat Chimp appreciate a tradesman, and know a good job when we see it... In 2015 we came across a chap called Jay who did a bit for the cause whey back, and who was producing hand made wooden products to die for....

To be precise he was doing a top class job creating wooden chests etc etc, with regimental engraving, children's plaques, benches, garden growers or wooden engraved plaques for thy wall like (Engraved) and personalised stuff.. you know? :) ... a proper chap with a creative streak in his vains! 

We where hooked, and after some conversations Jay agreed to provide a free chest at one of our many dinner dances, i.e for auction.... on that basis we love Jay, and we love what he's doing in his really cool workshop.. see pics below and checkout www.underthebark.co.uk  good luck Jay and keep up the good work... :-) 





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